Scaling Wind


Scaling Wind profiles people championing the vision of 20% wind energy in America & explores the primary barriers to this achievement.


Scaling Wind is a half hour documentary that addresses the primary barriers to America achieving 20% of its electricity generation from wind energy. Drawing from the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2008 report, “20Percent Wind Energy by 2030″ (, the film profiles people working to overcome the challenges facing achievement of the 20% vision, including the need to modernize and expand the power grid and smarten the nation’s energy policy for a stable market.


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SCALING WIND Film Trailer from GreenTech Films on Vimeo.

The purpose of the film is to communicate the importance of how today’s energy decisions will impact America’s future; educate policymakers and citizens about the viability of wind energy’s potential for the nation; explain how wind energy may contribute to America’s economic recovery; and inspire involvement from relevant stakeholders. These points are made through the stories of people who are working to guide our nation’s energy system onto a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable path.

Because wind is free and renewable, wind energy is price-stable and predictable. Utilities can lock-in wind power prices for 20 plus years, and wind energy can be a hedge against volatile fossil fuel prices, such as coal and natural gas. Wind energy can displace the burning of fossil fuels, improving air and water quality.

You’ll meet an ex-president, two governors, mayors, and local town officials- both Republicans and Democrats- working on policies to open markets for wind energy. You’ll hear directly from the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) scientists who researched and wrote the report on 20% wind. You’ll meet farmers and ranchers hosting wind turbines and power lines on their lands. You’ll meet returned military veterans entering the wind energy workforce. And you’ll meet everyday people making a difference in their communities.

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